Autocare Express:  We stock a wide selection of tyres to suit all driving conditions, and all types of vehicles. 

Quality tyres

At AutoCare Express, we stock a wide selection of tyres. We can supply products to suit all driving conditions, and all types of vehicles. Whether you’re preference is for high performance or every day economy, and whether you want a premium or budget brand, we’ll have the tyres that are right for you.

Your tyres are some of the hardest working and most critical parts on your car; they’re responsible for keeping your vehicle in contact with the road, giving you a comfortable ride and helping you to corner and brake safely. In this country your tyres have to deal with extreme weather conditions including ice, snow, rain – as well as a diverse range of road surfaces and increasingly – potholes!

Expert tyre fitting 

It’s essential that tyres are fitted correctly to ensure safety and optimise road handling; professional fitting can also improve fuel economy and extend the life of a tyre. At AutoCare Express, Witney, our technicians are experienced at fitting tyres using our state of the art equipment which also enables us to safely change low profile and run flat tyres, minimizing the chance of damage to expensive alloy wheels